Web City Council of Baiona -Pontevedra-

The project consisted of an institutional and tourist space. Developed in 2012 with CMS LifeRay, but with applets developed in PHP.


On the Web City Council of Baiona -Pontevedra- Liferay (2012) was chosen because it had an editing interface very similar to what we now know as Elementor or

WPBakery Page Builder.

However, the development team encountered the disadvantage that Liferay is native to Java and therefore the Server architecture had to be Tomcat, Glassfish, Payara or WildFly. Alternatives that can't compare to the power and scale of Apache

Therefore, in anticipation of the required requirement (installing Liferay) in the face of the build problems that were going to be caused by the Liferay+Apache combination, all native portlets and applets were programmed from Java to PHP. To solve compilation problems with Apache

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Web City Council of Baiona -Pontevedra- was an example of what not to do in a web project. Compile Java for later compiling PHP. It's redundant, slow and unnecessary. However, the client's requirement was resolved in the face of the technological adversity involved.

Enrique Castro-web desarrollador

Henry Castro






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